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Why You Shouldn’t Wear Shoes in the House

Why You Shouldn’t Wear Shoes in the House

We all know families who wear their shoes in the house, maybe that family is even yours. While it isn’t the most common thing to do, have you ever wondered if it’s really necessary? Well turns out, not only does wearing shoes in the house carry in germs and bacteria, it also tracks in unwanted dirt that can damage your floors. In this blog, we will discuss the reason why you shouldn’t wear your shoes past the front door.

Reduce germs

There are over 400,000 germs living on the outside of our shoes. If you choose to wear your shoes around the house, you are carrying these germs all over your living areas. Reduce the spread of germs by simply taking off your shoes at the front door and opt to put on some slippers instead. Studies have shown that outside shoes can be a carrier for numerous microbes like viruses and bacteria. Studies have also shown that if you have worn a pair of shoes for over a month, there is a high chance that those shoes have some form of fece bacteria on the bottom. If you have small children crawling around on your floors, then you should be extra stern about removing shoes at the front door. 

If your goal is to keep your living area as clean as possible, removing your shoes is a good first step. This alone will help reduce the spread of various germs and harmful bacterias. Another important thing to remember, when taking off your shoes, don’t forget to wash your hands after. As we just talked about, outdoor shoes carry a lot of germs and you don’t want them to come in contact with your body. 

Minimize dirt

By removing your shoes you can vacuum less! This alone should stop people from wearing shoes inside. Outdoor shoes rack in a lot of dirt and leave it all throughout the house. Especially during spring and winter months when you are dealing with mud and snow. Although dirt isn’t a health risk on its own, you will probably want to keep it to a minimum if you have small children who play on the floor.

Extend your floors lifespan

Not only do your shoes cause a mess, but they can cause wear and tear to your floors. The soles of your shoes are typically harsher on floors than bare feet, which leads to damage on your flooring and reducing their lifespan. If you have carpet flooring, wearing shoes will cause the carpet fibres to break down, which means you’ll have to replace them sooner. On hardwood floors, some footwear can cause scratches, scuffs and even dents. Avoid this damage altogether by leaving your shoes where they belong.

How to organize your shoes

Now that you know the importance of taking off your shoes before entering into the living areas, you may be wondering how to keep them organized as well. The most common option is to get a pre-made shoe rack and put it at the front door but there are more options than just that. Go for a built in look and install a cabinet or put in cubbies for easy access. 

Now that your shoes are in order, it might inspire you to clean your home including your floors. If you need help, Carpet Cleaning Guelph are professionals and can take on any task you need.

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