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Stain and Odour Removal

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In often cases, a complete carpet clean in your home isn't necessarily required. Sometimes people have an accident which left a stain and just need a small area cleaned. This is a cost efficient way to improve the look of your carpets without having to pay the full price of an entire carpet clean. You can trust Carpet Cleaning Guelph for stain and spot removal. We can complete the job quickly and make your carpet look brand new in no time.

  • All our stain removal products are non-toxic and safe to use
  • Our technique will deodorize the area being cleaned and remove any odours
  • The treatment approach we use won’t fade the colour or design of your carpet
  • We have affordable and budget-friendly prices 
  •  Our services are only performed by qualified carpet cleaners 

Everyone has had a stain that they get rid of which causes a lot of frustration. Carpets and upholstery are some of the easiest places for stains to take place. When a stain does appear, it's best to hire an expert to take care of the damage. Upholstery can be easily ruined and thats why correct attention is needed. Carpet Cleaning Guelph is a reliable upholstery cleaning company you can trust to get your stubborn stains out every time without causing damage to your furniture. We take all the cautions necessary while still giving you great results. 

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thorough carpet washing services in Guelph Ontario
thorough carpet washing services in Guelph Ontario

Pet Stain and Odour Removal

Having a pet is great until they have accidents on your floors. Pet accidents are hard to remove from carpets and rugs and tend to leave noticeable stains. Not only do pet accidents result in staining, but pet odours build up in your rugs over time from pet dander, pet fur and dog drool. When it comes to rug pet stain removal, we know general cleaning measures are not enough. 

If you have rugs and carpets that are soiled from pet accidents, give us a call! Pet urine stains can feel impossible to remove but with the proper equipment and cleaning products, any stain can be eliminated. Carpet Cleaning Guelph offers pet urine rug extraction services to remove pet odours deeply embedded in your rug. Our cleaning procedure is safe to use on all kinds of rugs like silk, wool, synthetic and more. 

For the best results, our cleaning team begins by using a treatment product to neutralize any pet odours. Then we use additional cleaning products to treat pet rug stains. If you notice stains or unpleasant smells in your area rugs, you should book an appointment immediately. Aged stains can more difficult to remove because they have had time to soak into your rug fibres.

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Odour Removal Process

Before we begin cleaning, our team will identify the the rug stain and rug odour. The point of this is to determine the best cleaning course of action. For example, pet pee needs special rug treatments to remove the stain and smell. Once the stain has been identified, we treat the affected area with our rug cleaning detergents. (All the chemicals we use are safe for pets and children) When the detergent has had time to sit in, we gently rinse the area and then your rug is fully cleaned and dried. Your area rugs will be inspected once more to see if any spots were missed. 

Our cleaning products and equipment helps us to remove the majority of all stains. However, there are rare occasions when stains and odours cannot be removed. Fresh pet rug stains are easier to remove then stains that have sat for long periods of time. Older stains have had to chance to penetrate deep into your carpets fibres. When we come across a difficult stain, we use more advanced techniques and expert cleaning solutions which helps make a difference.

If you need help removing odours that seem permanently embedded into your carpets or furniture, give us a call. We are top-notch equipment and products specially designed to remove stubborn smells. Our products are safe to use on all material types so you don't have to worry about your belongings being ruined during the cleaning process.

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