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When cleaning our homes, we often forget about cleaning our mattresses. This means they get left a long time without being washed, allowing dust mites, bed bugs and other unsafe bacteria to multiple on your bed. By calling Guelph Carpet Cleaners to expertly steam-clean and disinfect them, you can have a healthy and safe place to sleep.

Just putting your sheets in the laundry machine won’t get rid of all the bacteria. You need a team of skillful technicians, like ours, to clean deep inside your mattresses fibres to reach everything. We also offer green mattress cleaning solutions!

Complete Mattress Stain and Odour Removal

Mattresses are made up of delicate materials which makes it tough for stains to get 100% removed. We believe avoiding damaging your mattress is more important than getting a small stain out.

To make sure we remove every bacteria, our technicians use an organic medical grade disinfectant product. When we use this along with our cleaning equipment and our years of knowledge, you can rest assured that your mattress is cleaned right.

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Why you need mattress cleaning

The main reason to get mattress cleaning done in your home is for your overall health. You sleep on your mattress every night. By having your mattress cleaned, you no longer are breathing in unsafe bacteria while you sleep. Instead you can rest assured that you have a safe and health bed to sleep in.

Professional Mattress Cleaning Service

Mattress cleaning is important in keeping our beds fresh and clean. To reduce the risk of breathing in bacteria, opt to getting your mattresses regularly cleaned.

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Rely on our Steam Mattress Cleaning in Guelph

Carpet Cleaning Guelph has been in the business for quite some time. Our staff is devoted to serving the residents of Guelph with professional carpet cleaning services. We offer a variety of cleaning services, including mattress cleaning. Cleaning your mattresses is oftentimes neglected but can go a long way in improving the health of your home. We’re devoted to making homes healthy and safe, and that starts with a clean sleeping area. Whether there's a large stain or an unpleasant odour, our Guelph cleaners can make your mattress look and smell new. 

How can a dirty mattress affect you?

Skin cells, sweat, bacteria, dirt and other unsanitary allergens build up within your mattress over time. Dust mites also live in mattresses and are unnoticeable in size. While the mites themselves are generally harmless, dust mites release waste products which can trigger allergic reactions. 

You might be wondering how all these allergens can get trapped inside our mattresses. Well mattresses can get damaged by moisture. Overtime, they will start acting like a sponge and trap bacteria inside. Without professional cleaning, this bacteria will remain trapped in your mattress which you'll breathe in every night. This can result in you getting allergy like symptoms. 

Thoroughly cleaning your mattresses can remove everything from allergens to stains and odours. Mattresses can be a breeding ground for germs and bacteria, but they can be saved with the assistance of a professional. If you are noticing allergy like symptoms out of know where, this can be a sign you need to clean your mattress. Contact Carpet Cleaning Guelph today and allow us to help you get a good nights rest.

full-service mattress cleaning Guelph ON
full-service mattress cleaning Guelph ON

Why work with Mattress Cleaning Guelph?

Our team is very committed to customer satisfaction. If you aren't satisfied with one of our cleaning jobs, let us know and we will come back until you are. Working with Carpet Cleaning Guelph means working with confidence, from their client satisfaction to their track record of success. Call us now to make an appointment.

You'll be astounded how much a thorough cleaning can rejuvenate and revitalize a mattress. Dust, dirt, allergens, stains, and odours are all eliminated and will leave you with a fresh, new mattress. Learn how to remove pee from a mattress.

How is a mattress cleaned?

Carpet Cleaning Guelph's mattress cleaning procedure is done with steam cleaning technology, otherwise known as the hot water method. Steam cleaning is proven to be one of the most effective upholstery cleaning methods and that's why our team uses it daily. 

We inject hot water and a cleaning solution into the mattress. This mixture will break down oils, dirt and any other unwanted material inside. Once the mixture is in, our team uses a high-pressure hose to blast the water and solution deep into the mattress. All the unwanted allergens will be eliminated and removed from the mattress. After the solution has been blasted into the mattress, our team will use suction to remove all the water from inside. This will leave your mattress clean, fresh and free of allergens. Your mattress will look and smell new after Carpet Cleaning Guelph is done with it!

Carpet Cleaning Guelph - Professional Carpet Cleaning, Furniture and Upholstry Cleaning, Mattress Cleaning, and Stain and Odour Removal Services.

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