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Carpet Cleaning Guelph not only offers it's services to your home, but it provides the same services to local businesses as well! If your business is in need of a good, deep clean, our team of professional carpet cleaners will be more than happy to help. We understand that first impressions are important, and having a clean and presentable workplace is a crucial part of making a good impression on customers and clients. 

We are standing by to help your company keep your office space ready for potential visitors. It's important to keep your floors and chairs clean for clients and employees. We offer the following services to businesses:

  • Stain & Odor Removal
  • Routine & Deep Cleaning
  • ​Special Rug Cleaning
  • ​Upholstery Cleaning
  • Tile & Grout Cleaning
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Commercial Office Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning Guelph understands the importance of office hours. We know that cleaners can be a distraction in the workplace so we offer our commercial carpet cleaning services after hours. This means that our cleaners will come after your employees are finished working for the day or on weekends so we aren't a bother. 

For more information about our commercial cleaning services, contact us today. We will be more than happy to address and concerns or questions you might have. Call today at 226-780-4568.

Keep Your Business Looking Its Best with Our Commercial Carpet Cleaning

In commercial areas, there are a lot of people coming in and out. Dirt, allergens, bacteria and other germs comes with the high daily traffic that come with operating a business. Let our professionals help your professionals with keeping your office space as clean as can be!

If you're looking for a respectable and dependable carpet cleaning company to supply you with commercial services, go with Carpet Cleaning Guelph. We offer commercial carpet cleaning services with a service guarantee. When you employ our carpet cleaners, you can be confident in the work you'll receive. 

Frequently asked questions

Have questions? We're here to help! Contact us with additional questions and we'd be happy to answer.

How does a commercial carpet cleaner work?Carpet cleaners employ a clean solution, strong scrubbing brushes, and vacuum suction. Carpet cleaners inject a cleaning solution and water solution deep into the carpet fibres. Brushes then agitate, scrape, and remove the filth and/or stain before being lifted away by the intense vacuum suction.

Is commercial carpet cleaning safe to use on all carpet types?All carpet kinds, including woven, needle felt, knotted, tufted, and flat weave, are suited for our commercial cleaning programmes. We will sanitize and clean your carpets swiftly and thoroughly, removing even invisible dirt such as allergy-causing dust mites, salmonella, and other pathogens.

What is the best commercial carpet cleaning method?Our deep extraction cleaning process, also known as steam cleaning or hot water extraction, is the most effective and is widely recommended by carpet manufacturers. This type of cleaning should be used at least once to four times a year, depending on traffic.

What is the best method for commercial carpet cleaning?Top 5 Types of Carpet Cleaning Methods used by Companies

1. Cleaning with Hot Water Extraction. Hot water extraction cleaning, often known as steam carpet cleaning, uses high pressure hot water to agitate the carpet fibres and dissolve contaminants in the carpet.
2. Carpet cleaning.
3. Encapsulation.
4. Cleaning the Bonnet
5. Carpet Dry Cleaning

Can professional carpet cleaners get urine out?Professional Carpet Cleaning is a very effective way to remove Pet Odors & Stains.

Is it better to shampoo or steam clean carpets?You actually can't go wrong with either steam cleaning or washing your carpet, but steam cleaning is the better alternative. It removes more invisible vermin and filth and can manage heavy-duty cleaning without leaving you waiting for long periods of time to dry.

Carpet Cleaning Guelph - Professional Carpet Cleaning, Furniture and Upholstry Cleaning, Mattress Cleaning, and Stain and Odour Removal Services.

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